Partner in whom we trust

Our cooperation with other companies follows the principle: Just do yourself what you are doing very well. For everything else we bring specialists into the team.


This special agency, located in Hamburg/Germany, develops market strategies and creative advertisement for brands in B2B-markets while illustrating and clarifying complex technologies, products and services.
FRIENDS OF BRANDS produces and realizes off- and online-Media concepts to clarify and simplify particular complex business situations in order to reach the consumer market.

dataglobal Ltd.
For many years this company is one of the leading European providers of unified archiving. dataglobal offers innovative email, data and document archiving solutions to customers with various demands and requirements. EMS is a certified partner that complements, with its services and technical advice, the dataglobal products.

We have worked very closely with our business partner IBM for many years and the EMS/ eMail-Archiver is an example for our latest work in cooperation with IBM. This high quality performance email archiving program is practically the “junior” version of the comprehensive IBM archiving solution “Content Manager”. Hence, our certified EMS team offers expert performance to carry out any of the complex IBM solutions.