Fast, fun, and effective: The working style of the EMS team.

The way in which we work together with our customers is very different to what you may experience with many larger system vendors. As a company, EMS could be compared to a fast and nimble motorbike, as opposed to a slow, leisurely coach. This means that our contact with our customers is more direct, faster, and more personal. Customers are always telling us how they enjoy speaking to us on the phone during the course of their working day and that they are impressed with how quickly we at EMS react to and deal with any issues that arise.

We favor agile software development over other development methodologies. Depending on what a specific customer requests, we work in compliance with one of the most popular development models, such as V-Model XT or scrum. Our experience has shown that strict adherence to a single process model proves ineffective; combining the best components from a variety of models ("best of breed") appears to be a much more effective approach. Regardless of the process model chosen, however, ensuring that our customers are involved in the project, that the project is transparent, that we adhere to deadlines, ensure a high level of quality, and document the project accordingly are our top priorities.

We will be more than happy to discuss our working methods with you in more detail. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment for a free initial consultation.