EMS/eMail-Controller - intelligent e-mail management.

EMS developed the eMail-Controller for companies that don't want to be defencelessly exposed to uncontrolled e-mail traffic. This intelligent e-mail technology makes it possible to effectively control a company's e-mail traffic and to administer it according to the company's needs. The EMS/eMail-Controller is able to set up authorization profiles for individual users and thus check and control e-mail traffic as a way of suppressing spam. This modern content filtering technology also takes account of attachments and even ZIP archives. In doing so, the information that does not conform to the authorization profile of the recipient is removed from the e-mail, but the recipient is informed of this; however, the original e-mail is archived by the administrator.

Furthermore, the EMS/eMail-Controller allows e-mail messages that do not conform to the recipient's profile to be rejected. This innovative e-mail concept provides a central address book, address book synchronization, internal e-mail routing, the simplification of e-mail domains and variable auto responder functionality.

This EMS/eMail-Controller is the innovative and probably most practical technology for protecting the increasingly important communications channel of all companies from problems and abuse.