EMS/Forms@Work - internal company workflows and forms are easier, quicker, less expensive and more secure.

What is EMS/Forms@Work?

EMS/Forms@Work is a workflow management tool with a variety of electronic forms and administrative assistants that can be customized and designed as required. The forms are stored on a server and can be accessed at any time by every authorized user via a web browser. EMS/Forms@Work manages and organizes: application for travel funds, room reservations, minutes of meetings, materials requests, complaints, goods receipt vouchers, management of customer queries, quarterly result reports and much more.

What does EMS/Forms@Work provide for companies, regardless of their size?

The electronic communication of internal company workflows developed by EMS and already in use in many companies as it provides many benefits:

  • Data is correctly recorded when entered, because the program can check the logic of specific information entered by the user.
  • Subsequent processing of data greatly increases the speed and efficiency of internal company workflows.
  • The forms used by the company are always up to date, because they are maintained in a central location.
  • EMS/Forms@Work reduces personnel costs, it streamlines and speeds up business processes and assures accurate delivery to the right location. It can be customized to the company's needs in order to save time and costs.

Why is EMS/Forms@Work so easy to use and modify?

This modern web application can be easily accessed by every user via a browser and can also be used via a mailbox. As a Java application, EMS/Forms@Work can be deployed on all popular platforms and integrated with existing archive and document management systems. Moreover, EMS/Forms@Work can to a large extent take into account the corporate design of the company using it. A two-day course is sufficient to be able to design elaborate forms and workflows on your own. Naturally, EMS will also provide extensive support during and after the implementation of our tool - if requested.

What is the benefit of EMS/Forms@Work while replacing MEMO/Forms?

The idea for EMS/Forms@Work arose during a MEMO migration project which requested that all existing documents of MEMO/Forms should be processed without any adjustments. EMS/Forms@Work meets this need. Even a communication between the two form server is possible.