The state-of-the-art solution for automated communication in mainframe environments: EMS/Mail-API (SMTP and POP3 client for z/OS).

Automated communication processes on the intranet or over the internet are becoming an increasingly critical component of highly competitive companies. For this EMS developed the Mail-API for z/OS (OS/390) to make automatic dispatches via SMTP possible, e.g. directly from CICS, TSO and batch programs.

Your benefits:
  • Mail-oriented business processes can thus be organized by application programs.
  • This saves the application programmer from having to deal with the often very complicated details of underlying protocols such as TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, MIME and LDAP.
  • The EMS/Mail-API provides a very high level of integration with popular mail systems using the standard protocols SMTP and POP3.

Safety comes first.
For reasons of safety and to provide high availability during potential failures a second SMTP server can be brought online. Data loss can be prevented by the EMS mail relay.

Since 2000 EMS has been able to implement very extensive interface programming projects in the area of IBM mainframes for major domestic and international companies.