"Electronic archives are the memories of the information society."
Erkki Liikanen (EU commissioner,

The art of searching and finding in a world of electronic documentation.

Nowadays, nearly all business documents are digital, whether as email texts, Word or PowerPoint data files or scanned business invoices. Thus, the ability to retrieve such valuable documents efficiently is a must. This is achieved through a so-called “common or unified” archive which includes all relevant data. The user will merely need to use a single item, e.g client number, to capture all relevant information regardless of the file format.
Accordingly, more and more companies are interested in an efficient and reliable archiving system.

Required criteria for the electronic archiving according to the Association of Organising systems and Information systems (VOI):

  1. Electronic content needs to be archived unmodified.
  2. Documents must be protected from deletion / loss during the archiving process or in the archive itself.
  3. Each document must be easy to capture through an appropriate retrieval system.
  4. The located information should be the exact targeted information in the searching process.
  5. Documents cannot be destroyed / deleted as long as they are within their retention period.
  6. Electronic information needs to be produced in its original form.
  7. All documents should be found in short time.
  8. All activities in the archive that might be responsible for any organisational or structural changes need to be declared as records that can be retrieved in their original form. 
  9. Electronic archiving should allow migration of documents to new platforms, media, software versions and components without loss of information.
  10. The system must be in compliance with all internal corporate policy objectives and legal regulations.

A revision-secure archiving can only be fulfilled through the implementation of the above mentioned requirements and a comprehensive documentation of the complete data retention period. Finally, the corresponding audit certificate will be issued by a certified auditor.

The essential prerequisite for long-term availability of electronic information resides in the compliance of standards. Accordingly, stable formats such as TIFF and PDF/A should be favoured.

Reasons for utilizing electronic archiving:

  • Legal demands
  • Protection against data loss
  • Reduces the huge load on online servers
  • Product liability
  • Retaining information and information management.
  • Customer requirements

The choice and implementation of the archiving system can be fast and easy or long-term and comprehensive depending on the customer’s demands.

EMS provides unique developments and strategic alliances with leading archiving partners to suit all demands on optimal solutions from quick and easy email storage to configuring centralized document-archives for regional businesses which secure business relevant documents.

Our experienced team offers competent and professional advice for the choice of the appropriate archiving product as well as full support regarding installation and customer service. EMS also supports its customers throughout the complete revision-secure archiving process up to the issuing of the audit certificate.