Migration Nexus MEMO

Proven success - Nexus MEMO ventures into the new mail environment.

MEMO migrations often consist of several thousands of mailboxes, and therefore can't be done within a single maintenance window. As a result, a coexistence phase is indispensable. It ensures that during the time when both mail systems need to be run in parallel, all functions remain available to all users. For example, all users must continue to be able to communicate with each other by email without needing to know who is still working with MEMO and who has already been migrated. Also, public distribution lists still need to be useable.

Since not all MEMO functions can be mapped to new mail systems and because this would prevent shutting down MEMO, EMS has produced several replacement tools that have developed into independent products due to growing demand:

  • With EMS/Forms@Work, MEMO forms can still be used unchanged after MEMO has been shut down. It is a web-based JEE application that understands the MEMO form language. The users use the forms with a web browser. All relevant functions are reproduced, even program communication with an APPC-gateway can still be done.
  • EMS/Mail-API replaces MEMO and MEMO/API. Applications that previously accessed MEMO now communicate directly with the new mail system without programming changes.

We can gladly provide you with a free test version of our coexistence and replacement tools. Give us a call or write an email.