Screenshot Nexus MEMO "If we want things to stay the way they are, we must admit that everything changes.”
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (ital. writer, 1896-1957)

Nexus MEMO Migrations tools and knowledge - A competence sought after worldwide.

Even under their previous common employer, Verimation/NetSys, the three EMS managing directors were involved with the administration and installation of MEMO systems. It's no wonder then, that their many years of experience and their broad knowledge has been developed into the core competence of their own company. In the meantime, EMS with MEMO migrations has developed a good reputation across Europe's borders.

Migrating a MEMO system on a new mail system represents a complex challenge. Therefore, a detailed analysis phase is undertaken at the beginning of each project. With the help of MEMO Analysis Tools, developed by EMS, the existing system will be studied extensively. For example, the number and size of the emails to be migrated will be identified in order to plan the anticipated migration time.

Although MEMO constitutes one of the IT world's "prehistoric fossils", it has functions that aren't covered by modern mail systems by default. This includes, among others, the MEMO forms.Their structure and quantity largely influence the scope of the migration, and not uncommonly, the complete decision for or against a migration project. If MEMO/API has been installed, the question is raised of how mainframe applications can communicate with the new mail server after MEMO has been shut off. EMS offers powerful replacement products, with EMS/Forms@Work  and EMS/Mail-API, that can edit existing MEMO forms with little or no adjustment, or can enable communication between applications and the new mail system, even without MEMO and MEMO/API.

On the background of the countless MEMO migrations that have been performed, EMS offers additional useful tools that can be exceptionally helpful when migrating to Microsoft Exchange or to IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, as well as during the coexistence phase. All of the migration tools have been used by established, worldwide firms and have proven their reliability in everyday life.

Whether our clients choose Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes/Domino as the new target system, they involve EMS employees early on in the process and benefit from their extensive experience with integrating and migrating different mail systems. This can help save significant investments in many cases.

EMS offers its support in all project phases: from the planning state, to the actual implementation of the migration, to managing the MEMO system before it is finally shut down. As a simultaneous provider of archiving solutions, EMS is also the right partner in determining whether old MEMO mails should be saved in an archive, or in an active mail system.

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